Based in Vienna, VA, and a single mother to the love of my life, Gia, I have finally found the time to pursue my dream, photography. As a freelance photographer, I have been hard at work since 2012. 

As the saying goes, our eyes are windows into our soul, and what better ways to bring out one’s true self than through the expressions in their eyes. Capturing that moment in time of an event, a landscape, still life, or even better, the meaning of a feeling or sentiment is what made portraiture my true passion.

I love to engage with the people I am photographing; to participate with them on their journey, to help them express their feelings, and encourage them to allow me to capture them. 

Even though capturing the moment may sometimes be staged, the raw emotions captured in the expression of the eyes couldn't get more real . My love for the intensity of Black & White is displayed in most of my work, and portraiture, of all kinds, is my true passion.

Intense, raw, and emotional is my preferred style of portraits, so if real is what you're interested in, look no further :